Last night I was perusing Pinterest (if you’re not into it yet, then get into it) and came across these. It eventually led me to this blog post where I squealed with delight as I read through the 80s toys. Let me tell you some of things I was into as a child (from the 80s and 90s).

I loved Fashion Plates. I played with those for hours upon hours.

Jelly shoes. I had a pink pair and a purple pair. I loved them. But remember how gross your feet would get after a hot day? Yuck.

Slap bracelets. Loved them! But they ended up being banned in my school after a while.

I was a HUGE Barbie fan. I had so many. But I only had 1 Ken doll and he had 2 outfits–Hawaiian swim trunks and a formal gray suit that had a glow in the dark vest. The whole vest didn’t glow but it had glow in the dark stars.
I also loved going in to buy Barbie outfits and the wind up toys (e.g., record player, microwave, mixer). I think I actually had the outfit above, too.

I was a New Kids on the Block fan. Big time. It was the only boy band I went wild for. I was a Jordan fan in particular. I had sheets, a lunch box, some of the dolls, buttons, posters. I was a dork.

I loved Rainbow Brite. I remember watching the movie and playing with the doll and the horse, Starlite.

I can’t forget Jem. I’ve been watching reruns of Jem on The Hub for a month now. I love it still.

What are some of your favorite childhood toys or shows?


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