Purge and Pack 2011 – Round 1

So this morning I began Purge and Pack 2011. I’m moving in a few short weeks and with all the travel I have coming up I knew I needed to take advantage of this long weekend. So I pulled everything out of my front hall closet into my living room:

The Rubbermaids had a party

This was in the midst of sorting. I have different piles:

Mail to friends/family

I’ve made progress through my crafting stuff and in between loads of laundry I’m slowly but surely purging documents that have piled up on my kitchen table and kitchen bookcase. This may be helping me through it:

After sorting through documents and a lot of shredding I put everything down for the evening and got to making dinner. I grilled up some turkey burgers (served with bacon and homemade guac on sandwich thins) and hot dogs. It was a good meal. Really good. I grilled extra burgers so we’d have leftovers for a few days.

After dinner we watched tv shows and then I fell asleep. Apparently I needed a little nap.

How often do you purge things in your house?
I try to do a big purge once a year but I’m not so great at that. I do purge my closet at least twice a year but I aim for once every season. I try to look at anything I’m purging with an eye of “Did I use this last [season it should’ve been used]/in the last year?”


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