What Would You Do?

Last night I conducted an online focus group with 16-17 year old teens. At the end of the group I raffled off an iPod Touch. I pulled out a boy’s name and he told me to pull another name because he already had an iPhone and didn’t have a need for an iPod Touch. I was blown away! Even if he didn’t use it himself he could’ve given it to someone or sold it. I was just shocked and found what he did incredibly gracious. I’m not sure I would’ve had enough grace to do that if I didn’t have the need for it, so for a 16-17 year old boy to do that? Shocked, I tell you. It reminded me how good people can be. In a world where the news is full of hateful crimes, it’s nice to be reminded that people care about others and can be good to each other.

I also felt old last night talking to those young men. (I think me calling them young men makes it worse.) They were talking about online platforms I’ve never heard of. I felt out of touch. Then later I thought to myself, “That’s because you’re almost (a year or two short) of being twice their age.” Awesome. Technically, if I was on that dumb show 16 and Pregnant, one of them could almost be my son! That’s sad for a lot of reasons.

If you won a cool raffle but had no need for it, would you ask for someone else in the raffle to win or would you keep it?


One response

  1. How nice of him! Pretty sure I {along with most people I know} would have kept it and given it to someone as a Christmas gift or something.

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