They’re Magically Delicious

Breakfast of Champions

Yes, those are Lucky Charms you see in that picture. That’s also one of my new travel mugs…my aunt bought it for me. I’m a lucky girl who has received 2 new travel mugs in the last 2 weeks and both were totally my style. I feel loved.

But back to my Lucky Charms. I’ve been craving the sugary cereal for a month. No joke. I’ve put it off and put it off and finally last night when I made a trip to the Teeter for sushi and items to make into lunches this week, I caved. I had a coupon that was good on 2 General Mills cereals. So I bought Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I have issues, I know.

So this morning I opened up the Lucky Charms and got a little too excited over the free toy. Then I realized I had no idea what to do with it so I tossed it aside and ate a marshmallow. The taste of processed sugar rushed me back to my childhood. My parents never bought me cereal like that but my grandmother would. Although, when I was little that wasn’t my favorite cereal. I was a Cookie Crisp and Golden Grahams fan and truthfully I loved Cheerios with a little sugar on top. Now I can’t stand the thought of putting sugar on my Cheerios but I still love Cheerios.

Thinking about a Workout Plan
Remember how I planned out my workouts? Well, I did well on that until yesterday. I’d planned to go to Curves last night but yesterday something was seriously wrong with me. I got home from the airport and checked the bajillion work emails in my inbox then went to lunch. I worked yesterday afternoon but I was also really antsy and couldn’t concentrate very well. So instead of going to Curves I went grocery shopping, ate sushi, and drank beer. I looked at my calendar of workouts this morning and decided that plan just wasn’t going to work for me this week. So I reshuffled my workout plans to what I know will work for me. I like having plans but I also realize I have to be flexible because sometimes life gets in the way. I don’t have plans to workout tonight because I really want to concentrate on starting my cleaning out and packing up process. But maybe I’ll sneak in a quick arm workout at lunch.

What was your favorite childhood cereal?


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