Trip One of the Summer

So y’all know I was in NC Thursday and Friday. Then you probably saw I made it to GA. Well, today was the reason for the whole trip: my SIL’s graduation. I’m so proud of her! The weather was perfect but hot. However, it’s late June in GA so that’s a given. After the graduation we headed back to the hotel and made plans with my best friend and her husband. We went to one of my favorite spots in Atl:

That’s right..if you know me, you know it’s La Fonda! Naturally, I ordered the Paella del Mar.


Sorry, for the blurry picture but trust me, it sounds as delicious and it tastes. I also drank like 3 glasses of sweet tea. It was great to visit with my bestie, Erin, and her hubby, Kris. Lucky for me, I get to see Erin in about a month for a cross country trip and then I should be able to see both of them again in Atlanta for the conclusion of my many travels at the end of September.

So a quick trip but one that’s left me completely happy and totally missing the slower pace of the south.


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