Boot Camp Review

So tonight was Boot Camp. I’m sitting here at my kitchen table with no desire to move very far. It seriously kicked my butt and left me questioning why I like living on the third floor when I don’t have an elevator. So here’s how it went (what I can remember):

3 circuit jogs
2 circuit walking lunges (about 50 lunges) – I was feeling the burn here
isotonic stretches

Circuit (these are just the cardio pads between the machines)
Running in place
jumping jacks
squat jacks
squat jumps
one leg extension/overhead press (got each leg at 30 seconds each)
mountain climbers
double knee crunches
hamstring stretch
opposite leg/opposite arm toe touch
tricep kickbacks
jumping twists
right/center/left jump twists
squat holds with overhead press
(there were about 5-6 more but I can’t recall at the moment)

Ab Work
butt kickers
medicine ball twists
planks (30 seconds each X 2)
leg lift with crunch
oblique crunch
(I feel like there were a couple more but I can’t remember)

So then I had to walk up 3 flights of stairs and I cursed every single step. I’m now showered and my stomach is growling. I think I’m going to eat some cereal.


One response

  1. Sounds like a great workout…and maybe the good kind of hurt!

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