Coming home to a surprise

Despite my post the other day about not missing a workout…I’m missing today’s planned workout. I have a good reason though. This morning I had to drive down to Northern VA for work. What should have taken a hour/hour and a half tops (at peak traffic time) took me 2 hours. Then to go from Northern VA to my usual office location, it took me over a hour because it took me 30 minutes to go one mile. That’s not including my usual commute home traffic. So I spent a lot of time in the car today and while I don’t feel like I accomplished anything today, I just wanted to be on my couch. Plus my workouts from yesterday are making my body scream today.

Yesterday’s workouts included the 10 lb Slimdown Upper Body workout and a Total Body Pilates workout. I’ve done both in the past but it’s been a while. So this morning when I rolled over I felt my body scream from the hips up. So it’s probably smart for me to just take a rest day. Despite the best laid plans for a workout, listening to your body is more important.

Coming home to a surprise

My June tasting box from Foodzie was waiting on my doorstep.

The goods

What I’ve already devoured

Little brownie

Sorry for the blurry picture. It looked ok on my camera and I’d already eaten the little treat before uploading my pictures. Yes, I’m ridiculously impatient.

I won’t lie, this was weird. It was really dense and it was definitely chocolate. It had little sesame seeds in it, which gave it a nutty flavor. It wasn’t overly sweet. I prefer a regular ol’ brownie, though.

What’s your favorite chocolate treat?


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