How Not to Miss a Workout

The other day I mentioned I planned out my workouts through June. I have a busy summer ahead of me and the past month and a half has been busy, too. Usually once I get busy, the first thing to slack off is healthy eating and followed quickly by my typical afternoon workout. Fortunately, I work at Curves now so I know I get in at least one good workout and with Zumba I get in 2 others. But those workouts are typically loaded on Thursday-Saturday of the week. So there have been weeks I don’t exercise the other days of the week. I’ve realized when I plan my workouts ahead of time and really schedule them into my day, I’m less likely to miss them or shrug them off.

First I started with actually highlighting the times I work at Curves (in purple), writing in/highlighting any out of the ordinary workouts like Boot Camp (in pink), and highlighting travel/vacation (in green). I also started marking the days off because I noticed when I’m busy I easily lose track of which week I’m in at first glance.

Then at the weekly view I actually wrote out each workout by day and noting days that won’t have workouts. Then I highlighted in pink just to keep the theme going because I’m a nerd like that. The day after Boot Camp I figure my legs will be killing me so I’ll work on my arms that day.

This is my new planner just waiting for it to get busy in July. It’s certainly filling up as I’m traveling to 3 cities in July and once I get to the last week in June I’ll start planning my workouts. I don’t know if I’ll keep this up from here on out but I do plan to keep it up through September because as of right now I’m a busy girl until the last week in September. Bring on the summer fun and bustle!


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