Thirsty Thursday

Slurp it down!

With a 2 hour meeting this morning and with temps hitting 85 degrees and a heat index over 90 degrees before 9am, I knew I wanted needed iced coffee. The best place around these parts for iced coffee is Dunkin Donuts. So I ordered a large iced coconut coffee. I love ordering coconut coffee because it makes me feel like I’m at the beach, when clearly I am not.I also ordered an everything bagel with light cream cheese. I would like to know how they manage to get their bagels so perfect. They’re just crispy enough with out being tough in the slightest.

Beat the Heat

That's at 9:16am.

You see that red box up there? That says “Feels like 93 degrees” and it’s only 9:16 in the morning, y’all! I live in Maryland! And it’s only June! Early June! I was not aware I was back in south west Georgia. It’s also ridiculous humidity out there. I could hardly breathe it was so hot yesterday afternoon. Climbing my 3 flights of outdoor stairs to my apartment was not pleasant. So I’m going to down my coffee this morning and then start chugging water. I think a salad will also be order today. Cool food and lots of veggies/fruits.

How do you beat the heat?
Ideally, I like to stay in the pool. But since I can’t, I try to stay hydrated and I feel totally justified when I eat fro yo for dinner.


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