Bari Biscotti is My Favorite

I received a Foodzie May tasting box and there were samples of Bari Biscotti. I fell in love with the Authentic Almond flavor. So I knew I wanted to order some. I saw they also have a Pistachio Chocolate Chunk I wanted to try.

So I took a chance and ordered 2 bags of each flavor.

They also sent samples of each flavor. The one missing from above is the Double Chocolate Espresso. I ate that yesterday as a snack. I’m definitely ordering that one next time. The other flavors are Lemon Poppyseed (which was in my Foodzie box) and Apricot and Pecan.

What I found impressive was the handwritten note that was inside. I think companies that add that extra special touch know a thing or two about customer service. First of all, the fact that they include samples is amazing. Now sure, I’ll end up ordering more so they make money but many companies won’t make the small investment to include something like that to ensure more business comes their way. Then adding a handwritten note? Psh, I’m sold again for sure.

Plus their biscotti is amazing. It has the right amount of crunch and the flavor has been spot on. The almond biscotti is addictive. I’m afraid to open the bag for fear of devouring it. What excited me when I received the bags is that the biscotti is little two-bite size cookies. In my tasting box they were long cookies that took multiple bites. So the fact that I have little ones excites me. I also don’t think their prices are bad. Each bag was $8, which I think is reasonable.

For the record, the least interesting flavor for me was the apricot and pecan. So I ate that as a snack this evening. Surprisingly it was good. It wasn’t as good as the others I tried but I think that’s just my taste talking.


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