Sushi for lunch makes me happy!

This morning started a little earlier than normal as I had to be downtown for a 9:30am meeting. So I started with a Starbucks but no breakfast. It turned out ok though because the steamed milk kept me full until 11ish. For lunch I had sushi, which was awesome. There’s a great sushi buffet near work so you pay $12 and have all you can eat sushi. This is ideal because you get to choose from a wide variety of rolls plus they have a hot buffet, which usually has good miso soup and green veggies. It is too hot for soup but I did get half a plate of green beans. Then I loaded up on sushi.

For my snack/chocolate attack I’m having 3 Dove eggs:

Sorry for the dark picture but when I tried to do the auto color correct it went pink. I don’t know.

I’m going to do a full post on it later but if you can tell from the picture there are different colored highlights on my planner. I sat down and planned out my workouts through June and then on my full calendar page I used some highlighting to pull out the fun or important things so they don’t get lost among the boring stuff, like meetings.

Keep checking back for my new and improved way to keep myself organized and on track!

Do you eat sushi? What’s your favorite roll?
I love sushi! I could eat it every day. I think my favorite roll would be the spicy tuna roll.


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