It’s Just Another Manic Monday

My Monday started at 5:30am. I was not pleased because it started early because I had to be at work early so I had time to get some things done before a 9am meeting offsite. Once I was back in the office I snacked through my late morning and lunch. I had cinnamon sugar almonds, honey nut cheerios, and a big bowl of berries (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries). I may have consumed a cupcake as well. My coworker just took me for a treat.

I’m working at Curves tonight so I’m sure to get in a decent workout. I’m ready for it. I took Sunday off after working out 7 days in a row last week. I’m hoping to plan out my workouts tonight at least through the end of June. I have a lot of travel coming up this summer and my mom will be here in just a couple of weeks so I want to plan out the workouts so I don’t am less likely to miss one.


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