Sunday Funday

I’ve been in a baking mood this weekend. Last night I got a brownie craving so I made Peanut Butter Brownies (box mix) and they totally hit the spot. A warm brownie and some milk on the couch? Yes, please.

Only one was for me. Swear.

Today it was time to bake Funfetti Cupcakes using the recipe from How Sweet It Is. I wanted to make cupcakes to welcome back a co-worker from her long wedding break. What’s more welcoming than Funfetti? Not much.

I squealed once I poured the sprinkles in the batter and started stirring them up.

What's better than cake batter? Sprinkle-filled cake batter.

I squealed again once I pulled the pans out of the oven. It’s like a party.

After icing them with Trader Joe’s White Icing Mix I cut into one of the mini ones.

Unassuming cupcake

Party cupcake

My afternoon was finished with shopping.

I think I look better in it


I love this new dress. I’ve been looking for something in this style for a while so it was worth paying a little more than I wanted.


I’m planning to pair this with my new pair of black side tie bottoms. It’s also a really soft material, much smoother than your average bathing suit material.

I hope y’all had Sunday Fundays, too!


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